1bccc43Me in a nut shell:

My name is Ronald Stewart and I love everything creative. I started playing music and then added video and later photography. I’m a New York based Photographer and all around Creative; relocating to the city after graduating from James Madison University’s School of Media Arts & Design where I was a Converged Media concentrator with a minor in Creative Writing.

Me…. the nut??

I know people usually write these in the ’3rd person’, but, that just isn’t me. I feel like that is such a distant approach to describing yourself. This is not the back of some book, and even if it was, I would like to personally address those individuals who have taken time out of their busy days to consume my thoughts. Every day I wake up excited to learn and explore this wonderful world of photography. I love meeting new people and having the ability to share and create. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me grow and develop not only as a photographer but also as a person. To everyone I have yet to work with, thank you for even getting this far. You too have taken time out of your day to gain a glimpse into who I am, Ronald Stewart. If you are still considering me for your project I can honestly say I will do everything I can to make anything we embark on together a success.

If you have landed directly on this page I urge you to explore the images posted on this site. Everything is an extension of who I am. I love people, places, and things. I love highlights and shadows. I love love and happiness. I love raw emotion. I love opportunity. I love trying. I may not be for everyone, but for the select people I am for, I promise something exceptional.

-Ronald S.


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